Friday, May 18, 2012

How It All Began...

Six Years Ago

It all began six years ago when I met Alisdair for the first time. He sat behind me in our freshman English class and I was completely fascinated by him. His culture, his home country, his accent...I couldn't get enough of it! I had no idea at the time that I would eventually be living in his home country. All I knew was, all I felt was: "there is something here". We talked much about Alisdair's family background and about how he has three brothers, grew up going to church, his mum and dad planted a church in a little village in Scotland and how he comes from several generations of pastors. I rashly said, having only known him for a few months, "I think you are going to be a part of a revival in Scotland!" Now, those words were most certainly spoken without thought, but here we are, six years later on our way to Scotland based on what we believe is a call from God.

Although we have always believed that moving to Scotland is "a part of the plan", a year ago we really began to seriously consider it. Even before we got married, when asked about us moving to Scotland, Alisdair would nonchalantly say he thinks we'll move after we've been married for two years. A year ago we began praying daily about the move to Scotland. We prayed about if this was indeed where God wanted us and if so, when. And day after day we received more and more confirmation and assurance by the Spirit. So we began to take steps in that direction. We applied for my visa, we put in our notices at work, and we bought plane way! Crazy! On September 4th (our two year anniversary), we will fly to Scotland.

We are not exactly sure yet what we will do in Scotland but this blog will be our way of keeping a little chronicle of what God does. We are anticipating much and are absolutely thrilled to get to be on mission with God in Scotland. Here we go!

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